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What does W8MD medical weight loss program cost?

W8MD medical weight loss centers of America offers a physician supervised, non-surgical medical weight loss program available in multiple locations including New York City, Philadelphia, King of Prussia and New Jersey! Using the latest scientific evidence in obesity medicine, and designed by two obesity medicine physicians with extensive experience in the science and art of medical weight loss management – also called obesity medicine or baritric medicine, our program is for those that have tried everything else and are serious about losing weight!

We believe that weight loss should focus on the true causes of weight gain rather the usual blame the patient attitude seen from most weight loss programs. As our specially trained weight loss physicians understand the complex factors leading to weight gain, our program is tailored to individual patients as each patient’s situation is different.

“W8MD’s Costs*
With Insurance $50.00 Biweekly
Without Insurance $110.00 Biweekly”


Evidence based weight loss for fast results

Our experienced weight loss physicians utilize all medically proven treatment options including meal replacement plans, anorectic medications, intensive behavior therapy, exercise prescriptions, and adjustments in medications depending on the patient’s individual situation.The costs involved in medically supervised weight loss program can be divided into the cost of the physician visits, the cost of meal replacement plan, and the cost of supplements and vitamins.

Do you accept health insurances?

The office visits might be covered under your insurance plan depending on your plan and W8MD center’s policy. With a few exceptions, most W8MD centers do accept health insurance for medical weight reduction. We can assist you in determining if your insurance will covers the bariatric medicine office visits. If your insurance does covers the office visits, you will only pay your specialist co-pays.

Medicare recently approved coverage for bariatric medicine physician visits in order to provide for intensive behavior therapy for weight loss within certain limitations. Many private insurance plans also provide coverage for these essential weight loss visits for qualified patients.

If you have participating Insurance:

Accept most insurances for visits*

Diet pills included in $50.00/biweekly cost*

Meal replacements $2.15 & up!

Self Pay

$110.00 biweekly includes diet pills!

Meal replacements $2.15/meal

Locations in NY, PA, NJ

Call 1(800)986-3007!

Low in cost, high in weight loss results!

Compared to many other weight loss programs that charge hundreds of dollars in consultation feels and binding contracts, our W8MD weight loss program is one of the most affordable medical weight loss programs! As we accept insurance, all your out of pocket costs will be your co-pay, and any weight loss supplements and or medications!

Since the passage of 2010 Affordable Care Act mandates insurance coverage for weight loss physician visits, all insurances are required to cover weight loss for eligible patients.

If you do not have health insurance, you may be offered a self pay cash discounted weight loss physician consultation price of $ 105.00 biweekly includes both weight loss visits, and one weight loss medication such as adipex when dispensed in office.

Any other meal replacements or other weight loss products extra and subject to change without notice in all our weight loss locations including, but not limited to, Greater Philadelphia and Brooklyn, NY locations.

Please note that these prices vary based on the center and you should contact the individual center for their pricing, policies or to find a list of insurances they might accept and the cost of the program. Please call the individual center as prices might change without prior notice!

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Delicious and Affordable Meal replacements

Cost of VLCD(800 calorie) and LCD(1000-1200) calorie meal plans is as low as $8.00 USD per day for 3 meals replaced with an average meal cost of $2.20 per meal. Depending on the program, you may be allowed one meal of your own along with a fruit. This is one of the lowest meal replacement cost and lower than most other programs. And going by the feedback we get from our patients, the food is delicious!

Cheaper than grocery food

Based on  our research, the average grocery food costs are approximately 15% higher than the cost of our inexpensive and nutritious meal replacement plans. And as a consumer, an added benefit may be that you do not have to spend any time preparing meals! Our meal replacement food consists of delicious food with a combination of protein bars and shakes, snacks etc.  The meals are manufactured in FDA approved facilities and maintain the highest quality standards.

W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program!

W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program!
Losing weight is a goal for a third of all Americans at any given time, according to research.
Our W8MD insurance physician weight loss and sleep program specializes in helping patients interested in losing weight without surgery and with proven weight loss measures.

W8MD Locations in New York City, NE Philadelphia and King Of Prussia

Check Our Website W8MD Weight loss, Sleep and Medical Spa For Updated Locations

Appetite Suppressant Medications / Diet Pills for Fast Weight Loss!

When clinically appropriate, W8MD physicians might prescribe certain weight loss medications or diet pills in addition to low calorie diet and exercise to assist in appetite control and weight loss.

Most W8MD medical weight loss centers have a biweekly program administrative cost of $50.00 that includes up to two appetite suppressant medications when appropriate.

For detailed program and costs associated with any W8MD weight loss center, please call the individual W8MD weight loss center.

Supplements and Vitamins

Depending on the assessment of the physician, it may be recommended that you take daily vitamins and supplements. These supplements may be available for purchase at the center.

We are a weight loss and sleep practice operated by a Sleep And Bariatric/Obesity Medicine Doctor & Weight Loss Expert, Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD.
Dr Tumpati is a licensed physician who has received special training in the new field of Obesity Medicine or Bariatric Medicine.
Based on the latest evidence based medical weight loss measures, we offer a comprehensive, non-surgical approach to the treatment of obesity, and any of the 50 different medical conditions related to obesity.

We offer both prescription and non-prescription weight loss solutions for long term weight loss success.
When medically indicated, after evaluation by the weight loss doctor, we can prescribe appropriate FDA approved weight loss medications to help suppress appetite and control hunger including Saxenda, ContravePhentermine, Qsymia, Topiramate, and other medications.
When you reach your goal weight, we also provide you with a weight loss maintenance plan.

Our W8MD‘s NYC Medical Weight Loss Program Offers

Minimum duration

The minimum commitment needed in order for you to start the program and expect success toward your goals is about 8 weeks, unless otherwise indicated. We believe that this duration allows our patients to understand their nutritional needs, and lose weight in a safe and effective manner. Obesity is like any other chronic medical condition that requires on-going care. We believe that being under the active care of a bariatric medicine physician is going to not only help you lose weight but also help reduce your body’s inflammation and contribute to your long-term wellness. Our program is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

As one of the only medical weight loss programs in the area that accepts health insurance for the weight loss physician visits, with physicians specially trained and experienced in the field of obesity medicine, W8MD medical weight loss program is the only hope for losing weight for many!

The above information is general in nature, subject to variation from location to location and might not apply specifically to the location of interest to you. Please call 1800-W8MD-007 to find a location closest to you and to get center specific information. You can also email us at for more information. Please read our full disclaimer.

We believe that weight loss should focus on the true causes of weight gain rather the usual blame the patient attitude seen from most weight loss programs. As our specially trained weight loss physicians understand the complex factors leading to weight gain, our program is tailored to individual patients as each patient’s situation is different.

See our 5 star reviews from our successful weight loss patients in NYC, NJ, and PA losing weight!

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