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Are you tired of being overweight or obese and need the help of a trained and experienced weight loss doctor to lose weight?

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Physician Weight Loss

Did you know that 1 in 3 people have insulin resistance or are considered “pre” diabetic which could be the main reason that people are overweight? Losing just 5-10% of your weight will help you reduce risks of heart attacks, diabetes and even some cancers.

Since its inception in 2011, W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program has successfully helped thousands of patients succeed in not only losing weight but also keep it off with an ongoing maintenance plan.

Insurance Physician Weight Loss Options

W8MD’s insurance physician weight loss program is unique in many ways with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to weight loss that addresses all the complex issues leading to weight gain, both in adults and children

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Why Try W8MD’s

Physician Weight Loss Program?

Unlike the many fad diets, W8MD’s physician weight loss program offers an affordable, effective and evidence based weight loss. Our physicians are specially educated in the new field of obesity medicine.

Our experienced and trained weight loss physicians understand that obesity is a medical condition with many contributing factors, and not just overeating on the part of the patient.  With their experience and education, our weight loss physicians partner with each patient to design a custom weight loss plan that is right for them. Learn more on our weight loss physicians.

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“I lost 75 lbs with W8MD and feel great". - J.W.Smith, CPA
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