Is exercise alone useless for weight loss?

Traditionally, we were told you have exercise more in order to lose weight! This message is so commonly believed to be true that it might seem ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

Does exercise alone help you lose weight?

  • What does the latest research show on the role of exercise for weight loss?
  • Did you know that recent well published scientific data show that exercise alone is pretty useless for weight loss?
  • Did you know that it takes up to 18 miles of walking for an average person to lose one pound?
  • Also, exercise while it helps burn calories also stimulates appetite and builds much heavier muscle tissue!

If exercise alone helps lose weight, how come some of the heaviest people are wrestlers?

Recent studies have conclusively shown that exercise helps in maintaining weight, not as much in weight loss unless it is done together with a restrictive diet in which case most of the weight loss happens mostly because of the diet as per Dr Prab R Tumpati, MD, founder of w8md medical weight loss centers of America!

Although exercise is important for health, fitness and for weight maintenance, when it comes to losing weight, the role of exercise is very limited, more like a small supportive role than the lead role!

Read the W8MD Medical Weight Loss of America’s article on why exercise alone is useless for weight loss!

Time Magazine article on why exercise alone is useless for weight loss!

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