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Program cost with insurance

Our program is setup as a concierge practice where we accept insurances for visits, any tests, counseling etc. Our biweekly program cost on top of insurance of $50.00 includes any prescription weight loss medications if dispensed in office.

Self pay patients: monthly program cost is just $130.00 that includes any prescription weight loss medications if dispensed in office.

Use our introductory special offer to get:

    • Free orientation of the program
    • Free sampling of our supplements and 800-1200 calorie balanced an nutritious meal replacement plans
    • Free body composition report at select centers with percentage body mass index, percentage body fat, lean body mass, fat mass, ideal percentages for age and body type
    • Walk in during normal business hours at one of the participating locations and get all of the above free!
    • Call 1800-W8MD-007 for more information or to schedule your free orientation or a weight loss physician consultation in our unique insurance physician weight loss program.
  • There are not too many physician weight loss programs that make it so affordable to lose weight that it is as simple as seeing any other doctors – all you is your copay and the cost of the supplements with no obligations!

We offer 800-1200 calorie balanced meal replacement plans, nutritional supplementation, medications when indicated along with a lot of counseling and education.

Call us today at 1800-W8MD-007 for a free orientation at one of our locations. What you do have to lose except those unwanted pounds! We will even accept your health insurance when coverage is available.

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