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What makes us the best weight loss program?

With so many confusing weight loss options, quick fixes, and over 20,000 books written on this topic, it is difficult for an average person to choose what works and what does not work for weight loss. Here are some useful tips on choosing the right weight loss program for you.

The best weight loss program should have the following features.
■ Healthy diet plans with low carbohydrate and low calories for best results.

Low fat or low carb diets better for losing weight? See why low carb diets have more sustained weight loss results.
■ Regular physical activity and/or exercise instruction along with a reduced calorie diet

Understand why exercise alone is useless for weight loss

■ Tips on healthy behavior changes that also consider your cultural needs

Since eating habits are deeply rooted in culture, it is important to choose a weight loss program that takes these in to consideration.
■ Slow and steady weight loss of about 1–3 pounds per week

Losing weight too fast has inherent risks and the safe way to lose weight is about 1-3 pounds per week although you might lose more initially due to water weight etc.
■ Physician supervision for a very low-calorie diet or VLCD

The two types of low calorie diets are called Low Calorie Diet  (LCD) and Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) diets. For those that want faster results, and for those that are on VLCD diet, careful physician supervision is required for safe weight loss.
■ A weight maintenance plan to keep the weight off after you have lost it.

It is important to understand that you need to keep from regaining the weight back and any successful weight loss program should have a weight maintenance plan included for continued success with weight loss and to keep from regaining the weight. 

Frequently asked weight loss questions
✔ Is the weight loss diet safe for me?

✔ Does the weight loss program provide dietary counseling to help me change your eating, activity, and personal habits?

✔ Is the staff made up of qualified weight loss physicians, counselors and other allied staff to provide the supportive environment for weight loss?

✔ Is training available on how to deal with times when you may feel stressed and slip back to old habits?

✔ Is attention paid to keeping the weight off? How long is this phase?

✔ Are food choices flexible and suitable?

✔ Are weight goals set by the client and the health professional?

✔ What percentage of people complete the program?
✔ What is the average weight loss among people who finish the program?
✔ What percentage of people maintain their weight loss after reaching their weight loss goal?
✔ What percentage of people have problems or side effects? What are they?
✔ Are there fees or costs for additional items such as dietary supplements?

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