W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep and MedSpa Team

W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep and MedSpa Team

Welcome to Sleep Medical Associates Sleep and W8MD’s Insurance Medical Weight Loss Program.

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W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers is a physician supervised medical weight loss, Sleep Disorder Management and Wellness Clinic aimed at addressing the complex metabolic, Nutritional, hormonal, stress, and sleep related factors under the careful supervision of a physician trained in the new field of obesity medicine.

Unlike the many cash only weight loss clinics, most w8md Medical weight loss centers accept health insurance for the Visits so you can lose the weight safely and your insurance Might pay for the visits.

Weight Loss Medications / Diet Pills

  • Phentermine-Adipex-Bontril
  • New FDA Approved Qsymia generic combination of Phentermine and Topiramate so you can save money
  • Accept most insurances for weight loss physician visits.
  • Biweekly weight loss program cost of $50.00 includes up to two weight loss medications.
  • Vitamin B-12 Injection Therapy
  • Consult With Medical Doctor Trained In Obesity Medicine
  • Personal Diet & Exercise Program Guidance
  • Delicious and affordable weight loss meal replacements starting at $2.15 per meal replaced.
  • One of the very few programs in New York City to accept health insurance for the weight loss physician visits
  • Sleep Disorder Management
  • Food Addiction Treatments

Our weight loss medications or diet pills include but not limited to: 

  • Phentermine
  • Adipex
  • Bontril
  • Qsymia (Phentermine and Topiramate Generic Combination or Brand Name)
  • Belviq (Locarserin)
  • Xenical (Orlistat)
  • Phendimetrazine
  • Wellbutrin
  • Contrave
  • Saxenda
  • Any Other Weight Loss Medications that might be appropriate

Cost of Weight Loss Medication

  • Our biweekly program cost of $50.00 includes up to two appetite suppressant medications!
  • These FDA Approved Weight Loss Medications can help you lose weight, suppress the appetite, and help you loss weight safely.
  • These medications control your appetite
  • Eliminate Excessive Hunger and Reduce Your Cravings

VLCD or LCD Diet Plans

weight loss drinks

weight loss drinks

Clinically proven Very Low Calorie Meal Replacement Plans Using W8MD Protein Shakes And Bars

Our Program Starts At 800 calories and up. We also offer 1000 calorie modified Low Calorie Diets, 1200 Calorie Modified LCD Diet Plans, 1400-1500 calories.

We offer partial meal replacement with 1 or more of your own meals and some of the meals replaced with protein shakes, and bars for fast and safe weight loss.

Cost of the meal replacements such as weight loss shakes, weight loss protein bars etc.

Our protein bars and shakes cost as little as $2.14 cents. They are so inexpensive that you in fact save up to 15 percent compared to even the grocery ingredients for home cooked meals.

We are flexible and work with you if you just want the weight loss diet pills and no supplements.

For this flexibility, and insurances being accepted for visits, we believe this is the best medical weight loss program in New York City. Our Medical Weight Loss Program in New York City has helped hundreds of patients lose weight safely, quick and effectively.

What about cost of weight loss Physician Visits?
The Affordable Care Act, the health care reform law passed in 2010, covers these services related to diabetes risk:
Diabetes screening for adults with high blood pressure
Diet counseling for adults at higher risk for chronic disease

Depending on your insurance plan, you may be able to get these services at no cost to you. Once you make the appointment, we will check with your insurance for your coverage for weight loss. W8MD is one of the first physician weight loss programs to accept health insurance for the weight loss visits.

Insurance Medical Weight Loss Program

It is our passion to help patients reach their goals, and it gives us tremendous joy to see many of our patients come off of many chronic life style medications such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes medications, get rid of CPAP for sleep apnea after successfully losing weight! Our biggest loser lost 75 pounds, reached their goal weight, and has been able to keep the weight off in the maintenance phase.

Weight Loss Program Testimonials

Amazing weight loss success stories

Carl is a physically active plumbing contractor who presented to one of the W8MD medical weight loss center’s insurance physician weight loss clinics weighing in at 346 pounds. Within about 6 months, he lost about 100 pounds without any weight loss surgery or weight loss procedures using W8MD medical weight loss centers physician supervised medical weght loss program and never felt better! Watch Carl’s amazing and inspiring video weight loss testimonial!

 “I cannot believe your blood work!” – Carl’s Primary Care Physician

Watch this amazing and inspiring weight loss success story of Carl titled “where is the rest of you!”

Lose Weight Under Medical Supervision *

Clinically proven weight loss program that might be covered for the most part by insurance except the cost of meal replacements and or medications. After the consultation with the weight loss doctor, he will give you the medication that he feels will be the most effective. Plus a B12 injection if needed.

I spotted a pamphlet in a doctor’s waiting room on W8MD. This peeked my interest and I read on. “Are you tired of being overweight?” I was!

As I read further I discovered that not only was this a center for weight loss but also for sleep problems. My husband had told me that I was snoring very loudly at night and that it seemed I stopped breathing at times.

I called and scheduled an appointment with the doctor. Dr. Tumpati was very through in explaining to me the reason for my increased weight was due to insulin resistance. We also scheduled a sleep study and found that I stopped breathing an average of 38 times per hour due to sleep apnea! read more

If you just have a few pounds to lose or a lot, W8MD’s Insurance Physician Weight Loss Program can help. Visit or call 1-800-w8md-007 for more information. Trim Down Your Waist! Not Your Wallet! Think W8MD!

Please note that individual results may vary and this is not a gaurantee that you would lose weight.  See our disclaimer.

About Our Weight Loss Doctor

Our medical director, Prab R. Tumpati is one of the founders of W8MD and has passed a written board examination in the field Of obesity medicine in addition to being board certified in sleep Medicine and internal medicine.

Our state of the art, American Academy of Sleep Medicine Accredited Sleep Lab provides full range of sleep disorder management services including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, rest less leg syndrome management etc.

Most Physicians have nothing to offer their overweight or obese patients other than simply say “lose weight”.  This is not useful to be simply told to “lose weight” as this does not offer the support, program, tools, medications, and other things you need to lose weight.

Also read why exercise alone is useless for weight loss!

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