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Our physicians are specially educated and experienced in the field of obesity medicine dealing with the complex causes for weight gain and how to reverse them using evidence based medicine.

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Read the inspiring weight loss success stories! Carl lost 105 pounds and his friends are asking him "when is the rest of you coming!". His personal physician is like "I cannot believe your blood work" So far I have lost 42 pounds with 18 to go before by youngest daughter's 21st birthday trip to Hawaii. Lennie C.

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As our physicians spend time with each patient, we limit the number of patients we accept to provide the best service possible to our patients. Due to popular demand for the unique W8MD's insurance physician weight loss programs, the appointments do get booked up fast!

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As one of the few physician supervised, non-surgical, weight loss programs to accept health insurance, W8MD medical weight loss centers can help you lose weight fast and safe, without breaking the bank! Call 1-800-W8MD-007 to learn more!

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Brooklyn weight loss

Brooklyn has its share of the overweight or obese as the biggest borough of New York City. Let us look at the best weight loss options in Brooklyn, New York. How do you lose weight in Brooklyn. Here is an overview of the Brooklyn weight loss options. Brooklyn weight loss State of Obesity in Brooklyn, […]

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Women lose weight

Are you a woman who is a few pounds overweight? Are you trying to lose weight quickly? Do you have an event coming up and needs to lose 20 lbs or more fast? Did you just have a child, gained a few extra pounds, need help losing weight? Are you in you nearing or completed […]

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Adipex Phentermine Doctors

Adipex or Phentermine is one of the most commonly prescribed appetite suppressant or diet pills prescribed as an initial choice of prescription weight loss drug in addition to a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity by over 95% of weight loss doctors. W8MD’s Adipex Phentermine Doctors Some important questions to consider before taking prescription Adipex […]

Why losing weight is important if you are overweight or obese?

 The main reason diet and body weight are important is because of the role diet and weight play in your overall health and inflammation. As the old saying goes “we become what we eat”! Losing weight As diet and body weight play a vital role in our body, it is not only important in adults […]

Before and after weight loss pictures

Where is the rest of you? Carl is a physically active plumbing contractor who presented to one of the W8MD medical weight loss center’s insurance physician weight loss clinics weighing in at 346 pounds. Within about 6 months, he lost about 100 pounds without any weight loss surgery or weight loss procedures using W8MD medical […]

Insurance covered medical weight loss center New York City and Philadelphia

Did you know most insurances now offer coverage for obesity, thanks to the Affordable Care Act? Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandates all insurances, including Medicare, to provide full insurance coverage for obesity! Accept Insurances NYC Insurance Weight Loss Center: 2003, Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11214 Ph: 1-718-946-5500 Philadelphia Insurance Weight Loss Center: 1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115Ph: […]

Belviq weight loss medication

The new weight loss medication, Belviq, will be available for obesity treatment from 06/11/2013 and W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers weight loss physicians in New York City, and Philadelphia help. More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, and obesity contributes to a number of health conditions, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and […]

W8MD’s New York City Medical Weight Loss Program

W8MD’s New York City Medical Weight Loss And Sleep Center Information Did you know that most insurances offer coverage for Obesity Medicine Physician visits? Thanks to The Affordable Care Act of 2010 that mandates all insurances, including Medicare, to provide full insurance coverage for obesity, you can now lose weight under careful medical supervision and your insurance most […]

How to lose weight fast?

 W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program is a medical weight loss and sleep wellness program for people who are serious about losing weight and gaining control of their health. We understand that losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge for many people and a physician trained in the new field of Obesity Medicine can […]

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Lorcaserin or Belviq® for weight loss – how does it work and how do I try?

The new weight loss medication, Lorcaserin or Belviq® In June, 2012 the FDA approved Lorcaserin for weight loss. Although it has been a year since it was approved, the medication Lorcaserin or Belviq is only available now as the manufacturer and distributor announced it will be available in USA starting this week. The U.S. Food […]

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NYC W8MD Weight Loss Center: 2003, Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11214 Phone: 1-718-946-5500 Dr. Rahman's W8MD Long Island NY Weight Loss Center, West Hempstead 149 Hempstead Turnpike West Hempstead, New York 11552. Phone:(516) 483-1100 Philadelphia W8MD Weight Loss Center: 1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115 Phone: 1-215-676-2334 King Of Prussia W8MD Weight Loss Center: 987 Old Eagle School Rd, Ste 712, Wayne, PA, 19087 Phone: 1-800-986-3007 New Jersey Weight Loss W8MD medical weight loss program at Vida Sleep Center of Dr. Felix Roque's office at 543, 45th Street, Union City, New Jersey. 543 45th St, Union City, NJ 07087. Phone: (201)766-6469. Franchise opportunities available for physicians. THINK W'EIGHT'MD FOR WEIGHT LOSS!