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Why Choose Us?

What makes us one the best weight loss programs?

If you are overweight or obese, and want to lose weight safely under the careful supervision of an obesity medicine or weight managment specialist physician, we can help.  apple_preventable

If you have a little or a lot of weight to lose and want to do it without surgery, set up fees and mandatory meal replacements or appetite suppressants, think W8MD for weight loss.

Our weight loss clinic specializes in helping patients who have been unsuccessful with previous weight loss methods, or who have tried over and over to lose weight yet keep regaining all the pounds they have lost.

W8MD Locations in New York City, NE Philadelphia and King Of Prussia
Check Our Website W8MD Weight loss, Sleep and Medical Spa For Updated Locations

What sets our weight loss program apart from the rest? 

We are a Weight Loss practice operated by a Bariatric Doctor & Weight Loss Expert Dr Tumpati is a licensed physician who has received special training in Bariatric Medicine — the medical treatment of the overweight and obese. Our programs are based on the latest developments in the fields of nutrition and weight control. We provide a comprehensive, non-surgical approach to the treatment of obesity. Our program is based on medical science, not fads or fad dieting.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan That Accepts Health Insurance

We provide a Highly Personalized approach to Weight Loss and maintenance.
We realize that being overweight can be a personal and frustrating experience. At PA Medical Weight Loss Center we get to know our patients on a personal level. We know every patient is unique with special physical and emotional needs. We will help you identify your personal weight control challenges, set a realistic goal weight, and customize a weight loss plan to suit your food preferences, health status, and lifestyle.

“Take the first step to change how you look and feel. This will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life benefits of weight loss are many!”

Under the careful supervision of our weight loss specialist physician – Doctor Prab Tumpati, MD, we can help you acheive your weight loss goals in a safe and effective way.

Rather than offering a quick fix solution unlike the many fad diets, our W8MD Medical Weight Center’s unique program is designed to provide patients with a genuine and lasting life-changing experience.

Why exercise alone does not help you lose weight?

Lifetime Weight Loss Maintenance Program
When you reach your goal weight, we provide you with educational information on a life time of weight loss maintenance so you can keep the weight off.

Call for Your First Weight Loss Appointment Today At 1(800)W8MD-007 zocdoc-patient-reviews-dr-prab-r-tumpati-md

Two Convenient Weight Loss Locations in New York City

Contact New York City Medical Weight Loss Center’s Office Today

Two Convenient Locations in New York City for Physician Weight Loss

Weight Loss Office #1 is in New York City.

New York City Medical Weight Loss Center at Sleep Medical Associates Sleep Services,
2003 Bath Avenue, New York City NY 11214

Weight Loss Office #2 is King Of Prussia
Also in PA at 987 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 712, Wayne (King Of Prussia), PA 19087

King Of Prussia Weight Loss patients call 1(800)W8MD-007

Call Now to Schedule Your Weight Loss Appointment. Limited Acceptance in the Insurance Weight Loss Program.

We educate patients on all aspects of weight loss and help them gain the skills required to successfully manage their weight for the rest of their lives.

Bariatric/weight loss Physician care 

Weight Loss Doctor, Dr Prab R. Tumpati, MD

Dr Prab R. Tumpati, MD

Diet / weight loss physician, Doctor Tumpati identifies and treats the hidden causes of weight gain and obesity, such as insulin resistance, slow metabolism, hormonal, sleep and nutritional imbalances or genetic factors. While in the weight loss program, you can improve your overall health and well-being, such as normalizing your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Our program is safe and effective
Even patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome or prediabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, or thyroid imbalances can lose weight safely in our program. We are also able to effectively and safely treat obese teens, adolescent overweight or obese kids or children from age 8 and up.

Diet Pills For Weight Loss In New York City

We offer both prescription and non-prescription weight loss medications and other weight loss solutions.

When diet and exercise are not enough, proper use of medications can help you lose weight. FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants, used to safely to help with weight loss, can be an option if medically indicated.

After the consultation with our weight loss physician, Dr. Tumpati will discuss if one of these weight loss medications or diet pills might be appropriate.

Bariatric Weight Loss Doctor Tumpati

Healthy Medical Weight Loss Programs in New York City City
Start Losing Weight Today! Call Now 718-946-5500

As one of the very few medial weight loss programs with a physician trained with a fellowship in the new field of obesity medicine, and willing to work with insurances for the visits, with flexible and individualized plans that suit your budget, and needs, with no obligations, setup fees, or mandatory products, we truly feel that our physician wieght loss program is one of the best medical weight loss programs in New York City!

Our Weight Loss Offer for patients looking for a physician supervised, safe, and fast medical weight loss

Lose up to 4 lbs a week or up to 20 lbs 1st month.

Safe and Fast Weight Loss

Our Weight Loss Diet Pills or Appetite Suppressant (Phentermine / Adipex / Bontril) is one of the cheapest available aPAhwere at only $30.00 for a month’s supply of Phentermine. Others charge over $100.00 for the weight loss medication and may not accept health insurance for the weight loss physician visits.

Our program is flexible and offers various options for safe weight loss

Weight Loss Medication Program – Option # 1

Weight Loss Medication with Nutritional Coaching and Reduced Calorie Diet
You can do the weight loss medication program by itself. You will be given medication and receive nutritional counciling. This can be a stand alone program. You can also do the medication program with our meal replacement programs listed below.

After the consultation with the weight loss doctor, he might recommend a weight loss diet pill such as Phentermine, generic combination of the new weight loss medication, Qsymia with Phentermine and Topamax or the brand name Qsymia, Wellbutrin or other weight loss medication as recommended by the weight loss specialist.

Weight Loss Option # 2.

Appetite Suppressant Diet Pill along with W8MD Very Low Calorie Partial Meal Replacement Plan from 800-1500 calories

The Modified Low Calorie Meal Replacement with our delicious and inexpensive protein bars, weight loss shakes, and weight smoothies and other supplements can help you lose weight quickly.

Weight Loss Option # 3

No Medication or Supplements

Receive Detailed Printed Instructions On How To Reduce The Calories, Reduce Glycemic Load, and Other Healthy Food Choices

We offer the safest and most effective prescription diet pills including Phentermine, the generic or brand name Qsymia, Belviq, Phendimetrazine, Wellbutrin, Topamax and other medications based on the clinical situation after consultation with the weight loss doctor. We also offer optional dietary supplements, protein weight loss bars, weight loss shakes, available.

List of Diet Pills

obese woman confused about weight loss options

obese woman confused about weight loss options


Actions Of Weight Loss Medications
■Control or reduce your appetite
■Eliminate Excessive Cravings, Help Reduce Hunger

Side effects of weight loss medications may include insomnia, dry mouth and constipation

Cost Of Our Weight Loss Program

W8MD’s weight loss centers accepting health insurances
Poly-Tech Sleep & insurance Physician Weight Loss Center Philadelphia
1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115


Our farthest patient for weight loss comes from Nassau, Bahamas! Testimonials!

Philadelphia weight loss doctor

King of Prussia Weight Loss

Poly-Tech Sleep & W8MD’s King Of Prussia Weight Loss Center

987 Old Eagle School Rd, Ste 712, Wayne, PA, 19087 (King of Prussia)


Our farthest patient for help losing weight comes from Delaware! Testimonials

New York City Weight Loss

W8MD’s NYC medical weight loss & Sleep Clinic at Sleep Medical Associates, PLLC

2003, Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11214.

Lear more about losing weight fast in NYC | Our weight loss doctor NYC


Our farthest weight loss patient comes from Dallas, Texas! Testimonials

weight loss doctor new york city

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